How Fleet Technology Improves Customer Service

  • How Fleet Technology Improves Customer Service

In today's highly competitive trucking environment, providing exceptional customer service is paramount. Even one late or damaged shipment can be enough for a customer to seek another carrier.

Many transportation company owners and fleet managers are discovering that the use of telematics and other forms of fleet technology can help them improve fleet performance and productivity and meet or exceed customer expectations. These solutions can assist in crucial areas like providing more precise delivery estimates, keeping customers in the loop, getting trucks on the road more quickly, and increasing billing accuracy.

1. Delivery estimates

In today's "I needed it yesterday" world, one of the biggest challenges a transportation company faces is meeting tight shipping schedules, especially on multiple delivery routes. A lack of communication between the shipper and customer exacerbates the issue and often leads to frustration.

An all-too-common trucking industry scenario is when an angry customer calls a supplier and wants to know when an overdue shipment will arrive. The availability of fleet telematics equipped with GPS technology enables dispatchers to pinpoint a truck's exact location and determine the estimated arrival time at the customer's facility.

Your customers will appreciate the increased transparency. Instead of saying that the delivery is on the way, you can inform the customer that it will arrive in a specific number of minutes or hours. Knowing what to expect can help put your customer's mind at ease and boost your company's credibility.

2. Real-time notifications

Advanced fleet technology solutions can go a step beyond providing accurate delivery estimates by enabling a more proactive communication approach. With real-time notification capabilities, you can alert customers via email when a driver is about to arrive at the delivery site. This feature eliminates the guesswork regarding when the truck will reach the loading dock.

From the customer's perspective, these real-time notifications enable them to prepare for the truck's arrival. They can quickly move vehicles that might be blocking the loading dock doors, saving several minutes of waiting time. Warehouse workers can move forklifts or pallet jacks into position and clear dock space for the incoming freight.

These notifications also offer additional benefits for your company. By making the delivery faster and more efficient, drivers can maintain their tight schedules and avoid costly delays. You can also plan your drivers' routes more effectively, providing significant time and cost savings.

3. Faster dispatch

Getting trucks on the road quickly is crucial when attempting to deliver top-notch customer service. By allowing you to determine the real-time location of every driver and vehicle in your fleet, telematics can help you find the closest truck to each customer. You can make quick route adjustments as needed to increase your delivery capabilities.

Once you've identified the right vehicle for the task, you can then use the delivery estimate and real-time notification features to keep your customers in the loop and inform them when they can expect their shipment.

4. Accurate billings

Are you spending too much time on billing and other administrative tasks? Telematics can streamline these processes, enabling you to devote more time to managing your drivers and vehicles. Use the technology to generate reports for miles driven and hours worked and keep track of routes. You can also monitor fuel consumption, which can help you determine if you should make changes to reduce fuel costs. Additionally, you can pinpoint driver arrivals and departures more accurately.

5. Preserve product quality

If you transport perishable food items, maintaining the proper trailer temperature throughout the shipping process is crucial. Innovative fleet technology that allows you to monitor temperature and humidity during the journey is available. You can also receive automatic alerts if the refrigeration system malfunctions or fails. You'll be able to ensure the quality of the goods and reduce the number of rejected shipments.

6. Issue resolution

With fleet management software, you can accumulate and get access to customer data on one convenient, user-friendly dashboard. Whenever a customer contacts you with a question or complaint, you'll have all the information you need to resolve the situation at your fingertips. You'll be able to handle the problem promptly and efficiently, helping to establish more credibility.

Learn more about how fleet telematics improves customer service

Rand McNally Fleet can supply your trucking business with telematics and other advanced fleet technology solutions that help you meet your customers' demands. Contact us to request pricing information and a product demo today. We can also provide more tips on how to improve fleet customer service and gain an edge over the competition.

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