How to Choose the Best Fleet Dash Cam Solution

  • How to Choose the Best Fleet Dash Cam Solution

How to Choose the Best Fleet Dash Cam Solution

The advantages of a fleet dash cam are wide-reaching and can affect training practices, costs, fleet safety, and much more. But there are a lot of options on the market. How do you choose the right one for your operation? Let's go over these powerful tools, what you should consider when buying one, and how to select a dash cam for your fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Dash Cams

Knowing how to choose the best truck dash cam solution depends on your organization's needs. Usually, when fleet owners choose to buy dash cams, they're looking to reap the following advantages.

  • Acquiring Unbiased Video Footage: Despite some estimates suggesting they are at fault for only 26% of accidents in which they play a role, truck drivers and their employers often find themselves in these proceedings. Fleet dash cams provide unbiased evidence of an incident and peace of mind for accidents, theft, or vandalism. You likely put a lot of work into training your drivers, and a truck dash cam can prove their good behavior if you need insurance or law enforcement intervention.
  • Improving Driver Performance: With dash cams, fleet managers can check in on their drivers and identify areas for potential training in response to poor or risky driving behaviors. Merely having a dash cam in place can encourage better driving, as it adds a sense of accountability for drivers. Some dash cams can send alerts to managers and or drivers in events like hard braking, sharp turns, or harsh acceleration.
  • Integrating GPS Information: If your dash cam connects to GPS, it can allow management to monitor driver positions, confirm adherence to routes, and locate trucks in the event of breakdowns or emergencies. Built-in location tracking can reduce the requirement elsewhere.
  • Saving Money: Dash cams can minimize litigation costs, workers' compensation, and repairs from accidents. It can also reduce insurance costs and early wear and tear resulting from driving habits like rapid acceleration and last-minute braking. Many studies have shown significant reductions in incidents after implementing in-vehicle monitoring systems like some dash cams.

Factors to Consider in a Dash Cam

When choosing fleet dash cam solutions, there are many factors to consider.

  • Features: Various features are available in dash cams, such as artificial intelligence that better detects hazards, cloud connectivity that instantly uploads videos to the internet, and event detection that notifies management about any issues.
  • Scalability: If your fleet is likely to grow in the future, you need tech that can grow with it. You should be able to add cameras to your fleet and management software easily.
  • Company Reputation: As with every company your fleet relies on, be sure to vet your dash cam provider's reliability and reputation. Ensure they can provide devices that meet your needs and come with robust support and customer service.
  • Resolution and Visibility: Get a dash cam that records in high resolution, so your footage has as much detail as possible and provides the most information. High-definition recordings should be 1080p or higher. Other features impacting visibility are night-vision capabilities and the camera's field of view. Some cameras will record larger portions of the road than others, so a wide-angle lens can provide greater visibility.
  • Durability: A dash cam might be subject to various conditions like dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Look for the device's IP rating to determine its level of protection. Make sure that your dash camera offers the appropriate durability required for your applications.
  • Data Access: Viewing the videos should be easy through a platform or app. Consider a device that connects to your fleet management platform for additional training and reporting tools.

How to Select the Best Fleet Dash Cam Solution

In choosing the right fleet dash cam solution, you'll want to start with thorough research.

Begin by identifying your primary reasons for using a dash cam and what business needs you want to meet. Are you trying to improve your training practices or reduce liability issues from safety incidents? Various features can support these needs differently. For instance, a company looking for training benefits might be better off with a dash cam that connects to fleet management software with analytics and performance tracking features. Also, consider typical driving conditions and hazards your drivers may face.

Additionally, look into state laws and ensure your recording practices align with them. For example, recording audio in a truck's cab might be illegal without express permission from all parties. Dash cams that record this audio could be in violation, so research laws in all states your fleet drives through to make sure you're compliant.

Research your dash cam provider, too. Look for someone with a long track record of success, quality products, and well-rounded customer support. Outfitting your fleet with dash cams is an investment in your company's future, and it's essential to find a partner that will support your work for years to come with reliable warranties and customer service.

Lastly, see if you can demo the dash cam. Nothing tells you how to choose a dash cam for your fleet better than seeing it in action. You can try it out with a demonstration to understand how it works.

Important Features to Look for in a Dash Cam

Knowing how to select a dash cam for your fleet can help you save time and money. Dash cams are available in many models that each have different features. To ensure your fleet gets the best quality cameras, look out for specific features, such as:

  • Adhesive Mounting: Many dash cams have different mounting methods, like suction cups, but having an adhesive mount is the most secure option. The adhesive ensures the cameras stay in place, so it's less likely for them to fall while driving.
  • Full HD Video: If your drivers ever get into any accidents, the dash cam becomes an essential piece of evidence to see what exactly happened. You want cameras that can capture wide angles and have a high-quality resolution to ensure every move gets captured. Cameras with 1080 pixel HD video resolution are excellent options.
  • Built-In Speaker: When dash cams have built-in speakers, they often also have programs that provide alerts in the cab to help drivers stay safe while driving.
  • Internet Connectivity: Dash cams with internet access have more room for storing data because they can connect to the cloud in addition to their regular memory cards. With data instantly stored in the cloud, you have quick access to review footage.

Additionally, dash cams with AI can detect hazards faster. Many dash cam components can provide the protection you and your drivers need when altercations arise. While some cameras will have more features than others, choosing the best fleet dash cam depends on your needs. At Rand McNally Fleet, we will ensure you receive the best camera possible, whether you choose a dash cam that meets your minimum requirements or exceeds your expectations.

Your dash cam's features are vital to ensuring your fleet and drivers stay safe. Knowing the dash cam options available helps you choose your truck dash cam solutions wisely.

Types of Dash Cams

Learn more about the types of dash cams available to help you choose the best fleet dash cam.

Front-Facing Dash Cams

Front-facing dash cams capture the road while maintaining your drivers' privacy in the cab. They don't record inside the cab, so your drivers feel comfortable while driving. These dash cams mount to the windshield and face the road in front of the vehicle. Drivers and fleet managers can review the footage for coaching as well as in the event of an accident.

Dual-Facing Dash Cams

Dual-facing dash cams mount on the windshield and capture footage outside the vehicle and inside the cab. Dual-facing dash cams are perfect for establishing driver behaviors and finding ways to improve them. With a camera that faces into the cab, you can monitor your drivers to ensure their attention is not straying from the road. The camera captures their performance and provides footage you can review later.

The road-facing camera documents the activity on the road to ensure safe driving. The view includes showing surrounding obstacles and other drivers, helping your driver stay accountable. Footage from both cameras can also help protect your drivers from false accident claims. The in-cab footage can show how the driver was acting at the time of the accident.

At Rand McNally Fleet, we carry multiple dual-facing dash cams. Our latest model uses advanced video telematics and AI power to provide drivers with tools that help them stay safe. The AI power detects distracted driving and senses other driving events, like harsh braking and sharp turns. It can also provide visual and audio alerts to help prevent accidents.

The AI dual-facing camera comes with Wi-Fi, so the captured footage uploads to the cloud, making it immediately available for review. Our latest model is the most advanced yet with high-quality features, from real-time insights to driver alerts.

Exterior Dash Cams

Exterior dash cams are excellent for helping drivers manage their blind spots and make difficult turns. They often mount on the outside of the cab, giving drivers a 360-degree view around the vehicle. You can also have exterior cameras on the sides and back of the truck to capture activity from other drivers.

In addition to helping your drivers make turns and access their blind spots, the activity captured on the dash cams can be crucial in the event of an accident. For example, the cameras can document any sideswiping damage to the truck caused by others on the road.

Exterior dash cams are important assets for your fleet drivers, helping them stay safe and providing evidence for claims made by other drivers.

Interior Dash Cams

Interior dash cams capture the activity inside the cab and trailer, ensuring your drivers and cargo stay protected. The cameras mount anywhere inside the trailer or cab to document what happens inside. Having cameras monitor activity inside trailers helps decrease and mitigate cargo theft.

Rand Video Telematics from Rand McNally Fleet

At Rand McNally Fleet, our all-in-one truck dash cam solution — Rand Video Telematics — includes powerful and easy-to-use dual camera that is integrated with the Rand Platform. The camera, which is engineered with robust Machine Vision/Artificial Intelligence (MV/AI), the Rand Video Telematics solution can be used as a 2-way camera or a roadway-only facing camera. If you opt not to use the cab-facing camera, the device can be used as a sensor to identify distracted driving behavior without video recording. The roadway-facing camera can live stream video that provides real-time access to what's happening on the road and, together with the Rand Platform, gives managers insights to help support driver training.

Key Features of Rand Video Telematics

  • Live Video Streaming: Provides real-time insights - whether the vehicle is in-motion or parked - from dual, road-facing and cab-facing cameras.
  • Customizable and Easy Drag-and-Drop Workflow Tool: Allows managers to choose what works for their business - no need to select from prescribed metrics, reports, or alerts.
  • Audio and Visual Alerts: Gives drivers alerts of risky behaviors in real-time.
  • Event Triggering Button: Allows drivers to manually send email notifications and auto-upload to the Rand Platform.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Installed in the hardware of Rand Video Telematics, this hotspot can be used to power Wi-Fi for other devices.
  • Simple Installation: Takes as little as 10-minutes with multiple options to connect to power.
  • Machine Vision/Artificial Intelligence (MV/AI): Proprietary MV/AI identifies distracted driving behaviors such as tailgating, unsafe corners, and harsh braking, and alerts drivers of risks in real-time.

Why Choose Rand McNally?

Rand McNally has been an industry leader in mapping and fleet technology for decades. As a trusted partner in transportation technology, Rand Video Telematics serves fleets across the country. Take advantage of the dual-facing camera, high-definition video, and event detection, along with a range of other features to meet your fleet's needs. With easy windshield mounting and compatibility with Rand McNally's fleet management platform, you're fleet will be protected from accidents and hazardous driving in 10-mintues or less.

At Rand McNally, we put quality first, as demonstrated through our decades of experience and satisfied customers. Our dash camera and fleet management software from Rand McNally help fleet managers create a safer fleet while saving on costs across their operations. With a comprehensive knowledge of the various aspects of fleet management, we can help you navigate the process of choosing the best fleet dash cam solution.z

Reach Out to Learn More

To experience the Rand Video Telematics camera and see how it will benefit your fleet, reach out to us to request a demo and speak with a representative.

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