How to Choose the Right Fleet Navigation System

  • How to Choose the Right Fleet Navigation System

Fleet navigation systems are designed to help drivers make it from one destination to another in the fastest and safest way possible. The essential parts of a navigation system include GPS technology, portable devices that display directions, and software that connect drivers to managers. Knowing how to choose a fleet navigation system often comes down to being aware of the primary advantages a high-quality system can provide and some of the features you'll want to look for in a navigation solution.

Let's take a look at how to choose the best fleet navigation software available.

Benefits of fleet navigation systems

As you determine the right fleet navigation system for your needs, you should consider the benefits of outfitting your vehicles and drivers with fleet navigation devices and software. Some of the top advantages include reduced chance of accidents, greater compliance, and shorter routes.

Learn more about the top benefits of using fleet navigation systems below:

  • Greater compliance: One of the top benefits of fleet navigation systems is their ability to help your drivers comply with various regulations. For example, a GPS navigation system designed for your driver's specific truck can route the driver away from roads where they'd exceed a road's weight limit. Fleet navigation systems can also help your driver plan out where they'll stop so they comply with Hours of Service (HOS) standards. An excellent navigation system can even help your drivers comply with HazMat regulations.
  • Reduced accidents: Commercial trucks have different requirements than personal vehicles, and navigation systems account for them. These systems can direct your trucks away from tight corners, low bridges, and steep declines. By avoiding dangerous routes, you can reduce the chance of your drivers getting in accidents.
  • Shorter routes: Since fleet navigation systems allow you to optimize your drivers' routes, you can reduce the miles they have to travel to reach their destination. These navigation systems can also find faster routes when traffic jams threaten to slow a driver's progress. Because drivers can use navigation systems to get to destinations faster, you can raise client satisfaction by improving your fleet's on-time percentages.
  • Lower maintenance and fuel costs: Due to a fleet navigation system's ability to help your drivers take the fastest routes, you can reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Since your vehicles can also take routes that require fewer miles, you can lower your vehicle's fuel consumption. Additionally, shorter routes put less wear on your vehicles, potentially resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Tips for choosing fleet navigation software

With all of these benefits, you might be interested in learning more about how to choose the right fleet navigation system for your needs. As you determine the right navigation system for your company, you can base your decision on a few primary factors. A good navigation system will come with a few features and capabilities to ensure your drivers reach their destination in the safest and fastest way possible.

Learn more about how to choose the best fleet navigation system by checking out some top features.

  • Text-to-speech capabilities: Portable navigation devices should have text-to-speech capabilities, as they can ensure your drivers don't have to take their eyes off the road when receiving directions.
  • Long battery life: Any portable device that provides directions should feature a long battery life to ensure your drivers always know where they're going. An excellent portable device will have a battery proven to last for at least four hours on a single charge.
  • HOS integration: A navigation solution should integrate with your driver's HOS requirements. This integration can make it easier for your drivers to comply with HOS regulations and plan their routes accordingly.
  • Accurate ETAs: A good navigation system will continuously communicate a driver's accurate ETA to managers and clients. By sending updates about a driver's ETA to customers and managers, everyone can be on the same page about the arrival of a shipment without needing to distract a driver with messages or calls.
  • Simple route planning and dispatching: Your navigation system should also make it easier for managers to plan a driver's route and dispatch it to your driver's portable device or phone. When you can quickly dispatch routes to drivers, they can concentrate on the road and always take the fastest routes.
  • Scalable systems: If your fleet grows, your navigation system should grow with it. A great navigation system will allow you to outfit new vehicles with new devices, provide you with in-depth data about your entire fleet, and continuously give you the latest navigation technology.

Process and best practices for choosing fleet navigation software

Alongside looking for a few key features, part of knowing how to choose fleet navigation software and devices is being aware of some best practices. When you're looking for the right fit for your company, it's often a good idea to do your research, choose a company with an exceptional reputation, and use a free demo before committing.

When you first begin your research, take a moment to evaluate your company's needs. Your fleet's unique requirements can serve as a set of criteria you can use to assess whether a navigation system is suitable for your company. Before you choose, ensure the fleet navigation system has the features and capabilities your team requires to operate efficiently.

Choosing the best fleet navigation system also involves ensuring the company you work with has an exceptional reputation. A fleet navigation system provider should have a track record of working with other fleets, providing them with reliable solutions proven to help drivers reach their destinations faster.

Besides looking into a company's reputation, it's also a good idea to select a provider offering a free demo. With a free demo, you can verify the navigation system works for your company and meets your fleet's demands without spending any money. Before you decide on a provider, ensure they offer a free demo you can use to test their system.

Why Rand McNally?

Now that you know how to choose the right fleet navigation software and devices, you'll want to partner with a company that can provide you with the top navigation solutions on the market today. At Rand McNally, we have proprietary data gained from over 80 years in trucking and relationships with many fleet owners, making us a top choice of many companies operating fleets. Since we offer several navigation solutions, we can help your team reach their destinations faster and coordinate with one another for better results.

We also offer our truck-specific navigation on various devices, with these pieces of equipment ranging from dedicated truck GPS to full fleet management tablets. With these devices, you can access our fleet subscription via an intuitive Android app. Additionally, we offer advanced key features like detailed 3D mapping, map previews and lane guidance, intelligent truck routing, real-time map updates, and a full suite of navigation devices. When you utilize these features, your drivers can better navigate traffic, stay safer, drive shorter routes, and comply with regulations.

Request pricing from Rand McNally today

Choosing the right fleet navigation system is easy with us. Take a moment to request pricing and receive a free demo today.

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