How to Keep Your Fleet Accountable

  • How to Keep Your Fleet Accountable

If you manage a commercial fleet, you rely on your drivers to complete tasks safely according to a deadline. Your staff is responsible for making sure supplies, products, and other assets get to where they need to be, so it's important that you can trust your employees to do their jobs correctly. Here's how to keep your fleet drivers accountable using fleet management technology.

The importance of fleet driver accountability

Fleet managers need vehicles to stay in pristine condition for shipments and deliveries. Your customers have expectations for their orders, so learning how to keep your fleet employees accountable leads to a maximum return on investment as well as repeat business from your clients. If your drivers treat your fleet with care, you can continue to impress the people who matter most.

It's impossible to be with every one of your drivers during transit. Therefore, driver accountability should be a top priority if you hope to expand your business and remain profitable.

What to monitor

There are numerous factors to note when evaluating the accountability of your fleet drivers. Paying attention to the following details will help you decide if employees are following company rules and your trucks are in good shape for long-distance travel:

1. Driver behaviors

Fleet managers must stay in the know about what drivers are doing on company time. Behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, and driving too close to other vehicles can lead to incidents on the road. Seeing how your drivers navigate from point A to point B is valuable in deciding whether an individual is following company guidelines.

2. Vehicle location

Fleet vehicle tracking gives you a closer look at where your company assets are at all times. Accountable drivers should only be using vehicles for approved uses — never for personal errands. You can evaluate the accountability of fleet personnel by ensuring trucks end up at the correct destination. Tracking capabilities also give you the opportunity to provide customers with an accurate delivery timeline.

3. Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption rates and the condition of company vehicles tell you more about how drivers are operating these investments. Figuring out how to keep your fleet accountable is necessary for on-time deliveries. Using vehicle analytics to evaluate these elements lets you encourage good driver behaviors and schedule timely maintenance appointments and repairs to keep your vehicles in optimal condition.

How fleet software can help

Keeping track of driver accountability is simple with the right fleet management platform. One of the major benefits of using a fleet management system for your business is that you can view vehicle maintenance records, driver hours, navigation routes, and more using a single, convenient portal. Consider Rand McNally's fleet management solutions to help with the following:

Get pricing information for Rand McNally's fleet management tools

Rand McNally connects you to portable devices and a suite of solutions for your fleet management efforts. Our user-friendly platform helps your increase driver and fleet-wide accountability for success. Submit a form online for pricing details.

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