Signs You Need Fleet Management Software

  • Signs You Need Fleet Management Software

6 signs you need fleet management software

Businesses that operate fleets need efficient ways to track them. Fleet management software, or vehicle telematics, allows you to manage dispatch, routes, maintenance schedules, fuel economy, drivers, health and safety compliance, and other essential aspects of your fleet, improving your operations and bottom line.

If you're dealing with any of the following scenarios, these are signs you need telematics.

1. You spend too much time trying to access fleet data

Fleet management is easier when you have all the information you need in one place. If you have trouble getting the fleet data you need when you need it, that's a sign you are ready for fleet management software. You can use it to access fleet information on your computer, phone, or tablet from anywhere at any time in one centralized location.

2. You need to improve driver safety

Safe driving is a top priority for any fleet. Road accidents can cost your company significant amounts of money in damages, legal cases, and lost business opportunities. While some traffic accidents are unavoidable, many can be prevented with improved driver safety.

You can use fleet management software to track driver performance with metrics such as mileage, speeding, braking, and idle time. This information can help you identify unsafe drivers and coach them on how to improve. You can also use the software to help your drivers find the safest routes. If a driver is heading toward a storm, traffic accident, or other potentially dangerous situation, the software can alert them in real-time, helping them avoid the problem.

3. Your fuel costs are going up

Fuel costs are a major component of your fleet's budget, so every drop counts. If you've noticed your fuel expenses are steadily increasing, fleet management software helps you find the solutions you need to reduce fuel consumption and save money.

Fleet management software includes multiple tools for managing your fleet's fuel economy, including consumption tracking, route optimization, local gas price identifiers, and real-time fuel use. These features allow you to make adjustments to minimize your fuel expenses.

4. You're dealing with recurring maintenance issues

Normal wear and tear is typical for fleet vehicles. But when maintenance problems keep popping up and you're not sure why, that's a sign you need fleet management software.

Rising fleet maintenance costs could be caused by a range of issues, from vehicle age to poor driving behaviors to a neglected maintenance schedule. Fleet management software relays diagnostic and performance information to anticipate problems before they occur. You can also use the software to monitor maintenance schedules and get alerts when it's time for a vehicle to be serviced.

5. You're missing deadlines

Making your deadlines is essential to keeping your customers happy. If your vehicles are experiencing mechanical problems on the road or consistently getting stuck in traffic, they'll likely arrive late or have to reschedule. Whatever the cause, missed deadlines can lead to lost business.

With fleet management software, you can find the most efficient routes and ensure drivers stick to them. Using the software improves dispatching by identifying the vehicle closest to the customer's location, reducing the length of the trip, saving on fuel, and improving arrival time. Fleet management software also allows you to monitor your vehicles' health to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

6. Your current solution isn't scalable

Expanding your fleet can mean more business opportunities and increased profits. To make the most of this growth, you need the right tools to manage new additions to your fleet. If your current fleet management approach is becoming too much to handle, fleet management software can help. A high-quality fleet management platform accommodates company growth, allowing you to add and track more vehicles, routes, drivers, and facilities.

Why Choose Our Fleet Management Software?

Rand McNally Fleet is the industry's most trusted name in transportation. Our cloud-based fleet management platform makes it easy for you to track and manage your vehicles and assets. We offer a full suite of fleet management solutions to accommodate fleets of all sizes. Our navigation and tracking devices for your vehicles integrate with our fleet management software to give you access to crucial information.

Installation is quick and easy, with no hardwiring required. Our devices are highly portable, allowing drivers to detach them from the dashboard to show compliance when stopped on the road. Our best-in-class truck navigation also promotes safer and more efficient driving to improve your bottom line.

To learn more about our fleet management software, request pricing or a demo today.

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