5 Benefits of a Single, Unified Fleet Management Platform

  • 5 Benefits of a Single, Unified Fleet Management Platform

A fleet management system tracks and monitors vehicles at all times. This level of supervision is needed in the industry since your fleet can be involved in many different scenarios, from different driving habits to vehicle wear and tear. The system stores fleet data, including vehicle specifications, service schedules, and insurance documents. It makes fleet management easier and gives you easy access to up-to-date information.

However, having multiple vendors for your technology can become too complex to be useful. Managing these relationships requires a lot of time from your team, and you may not get the full potential out of the software, which can cost your business.

One solution is to have one platform for all of your operations. The benefits of a connected fleet management system include streamlined processes, better communication, and reduced costs. Here are the top five ways your company can increase its efficiency.

1. Full visibility with streamlined data

When your data is in multiple places, it can be challenging to cross-reference and gain new insights into your fleet. One of the benefits of a unified fleet management system includes having all of your information in one place. From one program, you have a complete view of your company's information, making it easier to make data-driven decisions.

2. One central tool with many capabilities

Different vendors may offer different tools in their programs. This lack of integration causes your business to miss out on advantageous functionalities. With a connected fleet management platform, you have one central tool that can do many tasks, including collecting and analyzing your data. Since the platform offers a single-source user experience, you don't need to switch programs to access the tool you need.

3. Simplify management and communication

When your team is spread thin to manage your relationship with each vendor, it can be difficult to invest fully in these partnerships. With too many vendors, you may not be getting the full value out of your software. One of the benefits of a unified platform is gaining a great relationship with one vendor. You can expect dedicated support from your vendor for all your platform needs, including troubleshooting and feedback.

4. Adaptability

If your business is just starting out and needs to grow, or is already established and wants to expand its reach, having a single, unified fleet management platform will help you scale. Since you can put less time and money into management and gain better results, you'll have more resources to focus on business growth. 

5. Reduce costs and increase revenue

Several subscriptions to different vendors may be costing your company money that would be better invested elsewhere. Using one vendor to cover your needs reduces your costs, so you can invest in other business goals. Since your data will be streamlined, you can operate more efficiently and proactively. Each area of your business can communicate better, helping you make financially smart decisions. Save money with fewer subscriptions to platform providers, reduced fuel costs for your fleet, and fewer unexpected vehicle repairs.

Features of Rand McNally's fleet management system

The Rand McNally Fleet platform is a unified fleet management platform that offers several integral components and fits any fleet size. The trackers are preconfigured, so they are ready to work after a simple installation. Features of the platform include:

  • Hours of service: Track your driver's status and their number of hours on the road to avoid violations against your compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA).
  • Vehicle inspection: Log and track defects in the trailer or tractor, including photos. Access up to six months of inspection history per driver and vehicle.
  • IFTA reporting: Manage your compliance with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) by recording your fuel purchases, mileage, and state crossings.
  • Workflow and messaging: Send forms, messages, and workflows to drivers and receive replies through the platform.
  • Driver analytics: Track the driving behaviors of each driver, such as speeding and idle time, to improve safety and productivity.
  • Vehicle analytics: Collect data about your fleet for preventive maintenance.
  • Truck-specific navigation: Create efficient and compliant routes for each vehicle and send them to the driver to accept.
  • Asset tracking: Track your assets through current and historical records.

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Rand McNally is the leading name in connected fleet management platforms and other solutions for fleets of all sizes. Our products are easy to install and are supported by 24/7 customer service. Browse our website to explore our solutions and request pricing information or a product demo today.

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