Commercial Transportation Case Study
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Lewis C. Howard, Inc.


Lewis C. Howard, Inc. is a family-owned trucking and warehousing business based out of Kalamazoo, Mich. Founded in 1957, the company offers a variety of commercial transportation services including boxcar transloading, local delivery, and logistics coordination. Howard’s trucking fleet services a 300-mile radius around Kalamazoo and its warehousing operation houses more than 2 million square feet of space, some of which is certified food grade.


Howard executives were interested in lowering their fleet’s insurance premiums as well as protecting the company’s drivers, vehicles, and reputation in the event of an accident. So, they initiated a search for a cost-effective dash cam option that would integrate across the company’s fleet of trucks. Although dashboard cameras can’t prevent accidents from happening, they can help prove responsibility.  

A point of concern for company executives was ensuring that drivers were comfortable with the new technology. As a result, Howard needed to find dash cams that were technologically sophisticated but also easy to use. 

After evaluation, the Howard team chose to install Rand McNally’s DashCam 500 across the fleet. The devices, while engineered to deliver high-quality video and still photos, are uncomplicated to use given a companion app for iOS™ and Android™ smart phones. The app makes it easy to save, organize, and share images. Additionally, the camera’s VideoKeeper™ feature helps ensure that videos are saved and not overwritten


Drivers immediately took to installing and using the DashCam 500 devices due to ease of use. The company’s return on investment was almost immediate as well. Within months of device installation, the company experienced success defending the business and drivers from fraudulent claims. 

Additionally, thanks to use of the DashCam 500s, company managers are looking forward to lower insurance premiums as well as maintaining Howard’s reputation as an advocate for road safety.