Commercial Transportation Case Study
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Voyager Express, Inc.

Case Study

Rand McNally Solar Asset Trackers


Voyager Express, Inc. is a Detroit-based trucking firm with close ties to the automotive industry. Founded in 2009, Voyager Express operates 185 tractors with daily pickups across North America. The company not only employs 150 pro drivers but works closely with 40 Owner Operators as well.

In managing four different lines of business – from running automotive parts deliveries 50 times per day to dedicated and intermodal transportation to over-the-road hauls of general commodities – Voyager Express executives are data- and technology- driven.


The company uses drop-and-hook trailers that transport high-value chassis and other automotive parts. Sometimes trailers would arrive at their destinations missing parts of the haul. Therefore, tracking the ongoing location of the trailers and freight became critical, explained Tim Reilly, V.P. at Voyager Express.

Reilly needed a solution that was quick, easy, and would supply continuing information about freight whereabouts; tracking the last-known location would not be enough. Ideally the solution would integrate with the company’s Transportation Management System (TMS).

Voyager Express invested in Rand McNally’s solar-powered asset trackers to affix to its fleet of trailers and track via the Rand McNally Fleet platform.


After implementing the asset trackers, Reilly and the Voyager Express team were pleased to experience a seamless integration with the company’s TMS. In addition to saving time by providing ongoing location information, the Rand McNally platform allows Reilly to set geofence alerts for trailers crossing in and out of a particular location. A bonus: Reilly found that he doesn’t use his incumbent Electronic Logging Device system for tracking his trucks anymore; once the trailer is hooked to a truck, he monitors the tractor trailer via the Rand McNally platform.