Rand Tablet
Unmatched professional navigation.
Rand ELD
Compliance made simple.
Rand DashCam
Capture every journey.
Rand Headset
165 years of navigational excellence.
Best accessories for our tech.

Designed and Built For Truckers

SafetyDirect is Rand McNally’s premium video-based truck safety platform.
Fleet Tracking
Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations.
Safety And Video
Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics.
Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance and get alerted to critical faults.
Driver Management
Organize drivers and track driver assignment.
Fleet Utilization​​
Get Insights into fleet performance and optimize resources.
Asset Tracking
Track equipment, trailers, and other key assets with dynamic location tracking.
Automation and Alerts
Build custom drag-and-drop alerts and platform automation without code.
Fuel Management
Track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs.
ELD and Compliance
Take control of fleet compliance with Rand ELD.

The Whole Fleet,
One Platform

Private Label
Custom fleet management platforms
to provide to your customers.
Data Services
Custom data services using rich
automotive data.
OEM Services

Hardware and Software builds for
OEM products.

Partner with Rand,
Launch new Products

Looking to Update your Maps?

If you already have a Rand Tablet and are looking to update your maps:

Head to the ‘Map and Software Updates‘ section in the Rand McNally Support Center. Select your device from the drop down for update instructions.

We're Here to Help

Contact Rand Driver Support if you need assistance with Map Updates

An Important Note About Map Updates

Terms and Conditions

The Map Updates feature provides for map data to be updated when available, for the useful life of the device originally purchased with this feature. A product’s “useful life” is defined as the period during which the product 1) has sufficient memory and technical capabilities to accept updated map data and features, 2) can be operated without major defects or needed repairs. Additionally, Rand McNally will not make updates available for any product that Rand McNally, in its discretion, has designated “end of life,” which designation may occur at any time after the 24-month anniversary of the launch of the applicable product model.

Map updates are not transferrable to another person or another Rand McNally product. Map updates provided by the feature apply only to the same geographic map data as originally included on the specific Rand McNally device at time of original purchase.

Device owners are required to register their device in order to be eligible for Map Updates.

Rand McNally may modify these terms and conditions from time to time in respect to Map Updates for previously issued products.