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Unmatched professional navigation.
Rand ELD
Compliance made simple.
Rand DashCam
Capture every journey.
Rand Headset
165 years of navigational excellence.
Best accessories for our tech.

Designed and Built For Truckers

SafetyDirect is Rand McNally’s premium video-based truck safety platform.
Fleet Tracking
Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations.
Safety And Video
Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics.
Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance and get alerted to critical faults.
Driver Management
Organize drivers and track driver assignment.
Fleet Utilization​​
Get Insights into fleet performance and optimize resources.
Asset Tracking
Track equipment, trailers, and other key assets with dynamic location tracking.
Automation and Alerts
Build custom drag-and-drop alerts and platform automation without code.
Fuel Management
Track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs.
ELD and Compliance
Take control of fleet compliance with Rand ELD.

The Whole Fleet,
One Platform

Private Label
Custom fleet management platforms
to provide to your customers.
Data Services
Custom data services using rich
automotive data.
OEM Services

Hardware and Software builds for
OEM products.

Partner with Rand,
Launch new Products

Fleet Maintenance and Management

On Rand platform

Reduce Asset Downtime with Fault code alerts

Get alerted to critical maintenance issues and keep the fleet moving

  • The Rand vehicle tracker automatically detects and translates fault codes 
  • Send SMS and email alerts to drivers, managers and maintenance when critical faults occur
  • Review detailed engine data across any time period
  • Report on active faults across the fleet

Automate your service Reminders

Create service reminders in seconds

  • Automate safety and service reminders based on vehicle milage and workload
  • Set up automatic alerts to maintenance when critical services are due
  • Report on maintenance items due and completed across the fleet

Keep Detailed Service history and audit trails

Store all your service information in one place on Rand Platform
  • Store completed maintenance work directly against the asset
  • Build a detail audit history of completed work
  • Store photos, invoices and documents with unlimited cloud storage
  • Monitor vehicle health and stay on top of maintenance procedures to avoid breakdowns and delays

Creative ways to manage the fleet

Onboard your fleet assets for easy tracking and management with a single sign-on.

  • Manage all asset types from the same dashboard, even ones without a tracking device
  • Quickly onboard and customize assets to your fleet’s needs.
  • Label, group and organize visiblity with total flexibility
  • Automate asset onboarding with VIN capture and decoding.


Explore all features

Rand Platform

Fleet tracking made simple

Fleet Utilization

Insights into fleet performance metrics for resource optimization

Automation and Alerts

Automated tasks and real-time alerts for streamlined fleet management


Proactive vehicle maintenance scheduling and fault alerts to minimize downtime

Safety and Video

Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics

Asset Tracking

Real-time location tracking and management for non-vehicle assets

Driver Management

Tools for driver assignment tracking and driver performance monitoring

Fuel Management

Tools to track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs

Fleet tracking

Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations

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