Driver Analytics Software

Optimize your fleet’s efficiency and safety by proactively monitoring your drivers’ performance metrics to help reduce operational expenditures on costs such as fuel usage, maintenance, and violations.

Idle Time

Educate drivers on costs associated with idling to improve your bottom line.

Hard Braking

Use data to keep the roads safer and decrease long-term maintenance costs.

Fuel Consumption

Maximize miles-per-gallon by training drivers based on their driving habits.

Speeding Time

Reduce the chances of an accident and help lower fuel consumption by tracking speeding trends.

Build a stronger workforce

Get the data you need to coach your employees so you can shape them into safer drivers. You can pull up detailed histories for each driver to look for trends and track training progress. Rewarding drivers based on performance can help you attract and retain the best talent in the business.

Boost your company image

Fleet vehicles are mobile advertisements. If your company name or logo is on a vehicle, people will associate the driver's behavior with your business. Make sure your drivers are representing your company in the right way by conducting themselves professionally, helping keep the safe reputation you've earned.

Avoid preventable accidents

In addition to historical driver insights, our truck driver performance solutions will send dashboard alerts and text message notifications for real-time events. If drivers start speeding or driving aggressively during a trip, you can respond in the moment to curb their behaviors and help limit the potential for accidents.

Keep a lower CSA score

The FMCSA generates Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores based on various data, including accident history and unsafe driving. Keeping those in check with the data provided by our truck driver analytics solutions will play a significant role in helping you maintain a lower score.

Prevent unnecessary repairs

The more drivers speed, brake hard, and idle, the more wear and tear they're putting on your vehicles. Without countering these behaviors, you'll be taking those assets out of service for maintenance sooner and run the risk of making repairs that you could otherwise avoid. Safer driving habits will help make your investments last.

Maintain lower insurance premiums

The longer your drivers go without getting into an accident or committing driving violations, the better insurance rates you can expect from your provider. Our software lets you know if your drivers are putting your clean driving record at risk so you can target your training resources.

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